The R&R Room
Novecento Boutique Hotel

The first hotel room clothed by Raptus&Rose
Venice October 2014

Everything began with an encounter among me, Gioele and Heiby Romanelli, the enlightened owners of one of the most charming hotels in Venice...

then the bet...

“Would you like to clothe a hotel room as if it were a woman?”
I answered immediately
“I will adore to do it!”

Thus the story began...
Clothing a room as if it were a woman.
With the same care.
The same work on details.
Mixing together fabrics, colours and prints with passion and with a bit of
Matching chandeliers covered with fabrics to pillows and small armchairs.
Daring irony without losing balance.

The room is now dressed.
As a woman, more than a woman.
And I am happy because another bound has been overcome and another bet has been won.
The one that induces you to try, to do something you have never done before and to
realize that you can do it.
Come and see it.

The true beauty about clothing a room is that now she is there.
She doesn't change.
She doesn't disappear.
There she is.

And in her soft bed, among Seventies tapestries,
Indian ink and watercolour hand painted silk courtains,
chandeliers covered with fabrics coming from the whole world,
and Venetian beads,
we can save some days o even only one whole night for ourselves

San Marco 2683/84 30124 Venezia Italia


Photographer Herbert Ypma courtesy of Novecento Boutique Hotel Venezia


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© DIVINE ROSE SRL 2007-2018Policy Privacy P.IVA 01175420254 CREDITS